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Seaside Daisies | Original Art | Acrylic on Panel

Seaside Daisies | Original Art | Acrylic on Panel

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"Seaside Daisies" is a captivating original 8" x 8" acrylic painting on panel that offers a serene window into the tranquility of nature. This unframed piece captures the essence of a peaceful seaside sunset, where the sky melts into a symphony of warm hues, graced by the gentle silhouettes of whispering grass. In the foreground, a charming array of white daisies invites the viewer into a moment of stillness, their delicate petals standing out in contrast to the vivid backdrop. The artwork's intimate size makes it a versatile addition to any space, designed to bring a breath of coastal serenity into your home or office. Each brushstroke conveys the artist's affection for the landscape, making "Seaside Daisies" not just a painting, but an experience of natural beauty and calm.

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